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isak williams’ khoisan garden & north end tours

isak williams’ khoisan garden & north end tours

garden tours: zar50pp 60 - 75 mins
north end - the hidden side of town - by day: R100 pp 60 - 75 mins
north end by night: zar200pp 2hrs


Media Enquiry

media: anyone from the media wishing to write a review
of a tour or conduct an interview must initially attend a tour,
which is done in either english or afrikaans.


the future:

the villa vruger art house & garden virtual art museum [housed
on facebook & twitter].

webinars and creating art after dark online; the garden & house
will evolve indefinitely.

completion of memoirs, an e-book: a tale of two towns,

an avant- garde film: lost souls, a gonzo autobiographical documentary shot with an iphone, fusing three journeys: primarily into cape town’s inner city from within the eye of the tornado: young addicts prostituting themselves for their next slam of tik [crystal methamphetamine]. nigerian landlords, stolen mobiles at pawnshops [never retrieved], cramming extra people into so-called backpacker hostels or sleeping on the streets, juxtaposed with dante’s inferno: the only account of someone visiting hell, and leaving it, and boshoff’s return to south africa.

the stark film has been heralded as ground breaking & is to be shown
at the écu film festival, paris.


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