wed design : hennie boshoff + rossetta woolf : web developer


art work featured [mostly in collaboration with boshoff]: anonymous bonnard elza botha breyten breytenbach hervè constant welcome danca jane du rand rockwell kent lalou justice league hassan massoudy marzuk lalelani mbhele musa ncuba khehle ngobese roser oduber pedro soler jan van der merwe warhol isak williams rossetta woolf ’su knight

photos: julie ganzin lynn goldsmith mapplethorpe andy summers janse van vuuren vincent koralik jonathan rees ros sarkin scianna andy summers williams woolf dane dodds

 3 muses

i am afraid i fail to understand why one would not understand that your themes are extreme and everything else could be in between where the observer wants to place it in his mind (otherwise you could display still lives of flower pots) - Deon Slabbert, Agisa.


Dude, you rock!! kisses
claire angelique ,

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