local Ostrich egg painted by Rossetta Woolf with a Scorpio design
zodiac eggs rossetta woolf aries zodiac eggs rossetta woolf taurus zodiac eggs rossetta woolf cancer zodiac eggs rossetta woolf scorpio

the zodiac eggs are created by rossetta woolf and painted by hand, making each one unique.
they are dispatched in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.
each of the 12 zodiac signs is available to order.
zar 990 plus shipping by courier.
enquire about or order an egg with a specific zodiac sign

copper candelabras

copper candelabras, made by isak williams: individually designed and made to order.
prices from zar 250.
request a brochure of available candelabras

show & tours



the lekkerbek video, featuring a conversation between boshoff and blinde piet, whose lease on his 15 year old corner shop, arguably the most popular in town, was not renewed. the video is a glimpse into the inner world of prince albert.

24 hour rental: zar 25, upon which you will receive the password.
rent the lekkerbek video

magic of tarot

dancing with chaos



pamphlets by hennie boshoff : subscriptions sent by e-mail monthly

  • clinical depression: studies around this mysterious + misunderstood illness, with descriptions of personal experiences.
    subscription: zar 100
  • colours: a study of colours, their meanings, affects on moods, and how a colour scheme can improve your being, how + what colours to use in home decoration, clothing, business advertising.
    subscription: zar 100
  • khoisan: the history of the original peoples, not only of the region, but of the world.
    subscription: zar 100
  • musings of a madman: access to writings on a range of themes from hennie boshoff’s unique philosophical perspective.
    subscription: zar 150 p.a
  • prince albert: my years in this picturesque town in the karoo + the monsters that reside within it.
    subscription: zar 100
  • the fall: toorkuns: my return, ‘pilgrimage’ to south africa. to what had changed and what had not changed at all.
    subscription: zar 100
  • the flight: recollections + anecdotes + gossip of his life amongst the beautiful people during his years abroad.
    subscription: zar 200
  • the mermaid in the Karoo: A living myth amongst locals. Fascinating accounts + images from rock paintings.
    subscription: zar 100
  • the soul of the white ant: a study of the “new” post apartheid white south africans.
    subscription: zar 100

enquire about a pamphlet, or order a subscription


all profits from the Market will go to the not-for-profit Art in the Karoo project, initiated by Hennie Boshoff in his role as chairman + president of the American arts foundation.


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