consultationHennie Boshoff after an international success lived as a recluse in the desert, offering consultations: in person at Villa Kruger, Prince Albert; via e mail or Skype.



Thanks is a poor manifestation of my love for you and my gratefulness for your support during these dark months. I am convinced that without your help, I would by now be a very mentally sick woman. And I am not. I am more at peace with myself than I have been in years. So however meagre the word sounds it is with heart fell sincerity that I say thank you… love, always and forever
- Trudie Styler.


I would not have coped with the tumultuous year had it not been for you. I’m stronger for the experience, and know I can continue to grow. Thank you so much.
- Nancy Hamilton


Changing genders is difficult. Charing Cross Hospital has a special psychiatric ward of transsexuals who could not adapt. Working with you allowed me to take a voyage within, and to discover, explore and strengthen psychologically and spiritually the woman within.
- Bodelia Darling. [1982]


- Michael Hutchens.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With your guidance I have now achieved great success as a performer. - E.G.


“You pulled me from the brink of suicide, close to bankruptcy to now run a business, with greater success than it ever had been. God has given you the supreme power.” - Mack Dinshaw.


“You advised me NOT to get in my oriental girlfriends car.. Julie drove a Mercedes Sport. Not more than 5 months had passed when Julie invited me to a beauty contest in Heathrow, I would normally of gone with Sylvia but she was working, I remembered your words vibrating through time in my head.. As we were to meet Sylvia on the job later I declined.. Julie did not make it she came off the road on the M4. You saved my life, and, I have followed you ever since..” - Laura Shelton


He has the X Ray vision of a Master Occultist. He seeks not, he is sought.“ - Colonel Bruce Seaton, former private secretary to T E Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia.


Excerpt from The Waste Land

Excerpt from The Waste Land by
T S Eliot, performed by Fiona Shaw.
Vimeo 01:13 mins


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