dancingImage: Le Batteleur [the Magician] from the Aleph pack, Boshoff/WoolfI would only believe in a god who could dance.
- Nietzsche


All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. - Galileo


Dancing with Chaos can be called a hermetic course, or one in alchemy– turning base metal [your past + present selves] into gold [your potential transformation], Or in magic: how to be in control, rather than a victim of your destiny; to find the truth in a world of lies. The medium is the internet - e mail and Skype,

This course is not for everyone.

The effects of what I have done, dancing with Chaos, will be far reaching. The mind has many paths and many secrets even from itself. You were wonderful to me. You have the greatest mind I have ever encountered
- Edna O Brien.

"There can be no art without that painful tension provided by limitations. An imaginary race who lived in eternity, in perfect equilibrium, with limitless resources, and time, and energy, would create nothing worthwhile. What you are creating is something beautiful, and human, and vulnerable and touching. It is called 'courage', us at our best.

Your Dance inspired me, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, to do Synchronicity, dedicated to you. is about the course.

I love you very much"
- Sting.


I was nervous of incorporating alternative + complimentary therapies into my medical practice. Within one year, during our consultations, my practice is the most successful of its kind in Toronto
- Dr Ravi Devgan.


Without you and the course I would never have been able to break away from my restrictive family, Islam, get a job. Be happy
- Fatima Khan.


I have spent 20 years in therapy. Dancing with chaos goes much deeper, giving me the depth to tackle in The Full Monty and the greatest biggest theatrical successes, Vanya and Mother Courage.
- Lesley Sharpe


You are a motherfucking wizard, a genius, Love
- Cher.


Dearest: this past year I have been in excruciating pain. You showed me the way to accept and prepare myself for death, which is now very soon. I will wave to you from the stars. I love you
- Tina Chow.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. : I shifted far more than I thought I was capable of
- Peter Gabriel.


The course was formidable. Without it I would have gone to pieces in the most difficult year of my life: the turmoil at the Royal Shakespeare Company, directing the RSC and 3 productions, and of course the painful ending of my relationship with S.
- Terry Hands


La Danse avec le chaos a été la clé que j'avais cherché pendant longtemps...incroyable.
-Juliette Latarget


You gave me knowledge, gave me my voice, that my family had stifled. I want to create for you an arts foundation so you can follow your vision, and help others
– JP


dancing movie link

03:03 minutes
Producer: Hennie Boshoff.
Directors: Hennie Boshoff + Wilhelm Vincent.
Cinematography + editing: Wilhelm Vincent


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