Hennie Boshoff held his last One Man Show – his Swan Song - in 2017


afterdark a3:36 interpretation of art after dark: video directed by hennie boshoff & dane dodds



boshoff starts the tour at sunset, for 90 minutes. a pied piper into art after dark,a chiaroscuro magic theatre and light and dark, exploring all the senses: visual, sound, smell. spectacular, unforgettable.- Fumi Kaneko行

dagse meester, hoe smaak ek daa'm ie om daar te weesie. BY VILLA KRUGER INNIE KAROO!! ons moet tog gesels oor voordrae daar. my hart brand ommie riel te trap die jaar op vaal vlak.kom ons droom daaroor...WOELAG KERNEELS PERSOON [aka Jethrow Louw]

I adored this weekend on every level. Everything is significant, and everything is equally frivolous. As always, you are ahead of the curve, quietly reminding all of us to get back to the garden. I started writing about you this afternoon. That is such a beautiful sight of you my friend, and you the most exotic plant and sculpture there, tending your brothers and sisters, it warms my heart... I love you very much. - Sting

(….)something outstanding… an extraordinary evening. An inspiration for our KhoiSan centre. - Poem Mooney: chief, Griekwa Khoi

(….) profoundly touched…. So much depth. You are truly an inspiration. I am soooo grateful that Laetitia brought me to you. Wow. It was real magic. - Kobus Burger, KKNK

Fucking awesome. A magic theatre (….) phenomenal (……) juxtaposition of sounds, cultures, centuries brilliant. - Bono

(….) loved your work. (…)nice to see people marching to the beat of their own drum, with passion and vulnerability. - Jonathon Rees

(…) was magnificent. It took us right through your history. I am honoured to be part of it. - Thembekile Kanise

When you came walking down you looked dangerous. I mean, Clockwork Orange time: you design like Kubrick - hypnotic. Out of body, out of body and into the action, part of it, but detached, being taken to dangerous places and no way to resist the sirens .......dangerous places of the truth of who we are. To the edges of a madness. – Sandra Snyman

(…) Art After Dark (…..) was a celebration, an utterly surreal experience to view giant, and very provocative sculptures by artists from around the world, under the magnificent Karoo night sky with shooting stars to boot. - International Fund for Animal Welfare

Hennie! Boshoff! Unbelievably interesting and staggering an amazing experience that I wish to thank you for with a continual genuflexion. I appreciated it tremendously. It was literally un-for-get=table and meaningfully contributed to our life experience. To you and the lovely Rossetta, thank you very much, with treasured memories of the villa of light colour on the edge of Prince Albert. - Liesbet van Wyk

Here, on a koppie overlooking the town of Prince Albert, in the aching beauty of the Great Karoo, is a treasure trove of provocative artworks by international and South African painters, sculptors, calligraphers and glass workers. It is an art house, a sculpture garden(….) - Western Cape/Entertainment/Arts and Culture

The art here stands firmly on both feet, but still straddles two worlds. (…) the art is grounded in the body and bodily experience, and thus is beautifully sensuous and full of muscular life. (..Then..) one wanders from archetype to archetype, richly evocative but sparely presented, the symbolism weaving across a variety of styles, traditional and novel, to tell the sad and twisting tale of Man's ascent - Dr Dora Fonseka

(…) a living , changing and evolving piece of art . It’s a breath of fresh air. (…) The detail is magnificent! On further visits something new and unique interpretation, and perhaps never seen in the first place. - Sheri Goodwin

Ah! Vulindlela.... Ukuvakashela eUmuzi Wemilingo kubeyimpumelelo . I was speechless (….) The highlight (…..) black South African artists, the brilliant mural by Vulindlela, Musa Ngcobo’s sculpture, and (….) local guys coloured men. The Drums are amazing. - Thabo Ntulli

Bizarre world with massive futuristic sculptures, a Coptic painted exterior, Karoo plants… Villa Kruger on the ridge of Prince Albert, bordering onto North End - Dr Johan van Wyk

Dit was so uniek. Julle het ons iets gegee o moor ted room, glamour. - Lashante

jy het so statig gelyk toe jy daai pad afgeloop he......die begin van n geheimsinnige reis. o ja en om vir rossetta met haar wit vel en wit hare as eerste te onmoet.. that already set the tone for what was to come. […] with the last light rossetta introduced us to the mermaid, and she was wearing the same shells as I was wearing on my wrist: recognition! en toe ek myself in die spieël moes aankyk. siddhartha’s journey......the music changed to wajunga red dog from my album as I stood looking at rossetta’s red lion.. ek het gevoel asof die wêreld my skreeu......vir my vir ons 4......om vir my te wys......waarheen nou.......boeremeisie wat nie n boeremeisie is nie maar tog n boeremeisie is......staan langs n boereseun ,wat ook so voel. en the ethereal rossetta...? quietly loud ek was awe struck! pure poetry in the garden of karma......jy het my aleen gelos by die standbeeld ,en ek het hom mooi aangekyk, asof ons mekaar in die oë moes kyk......i loved the physical touch of these larger than life sculptures......dit gebeur nie in die louvre nie......

what i had done was right and it is only the beginning......its not the end!

{the crucifixion} brought me to tears......I thank you I thank you.......that was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had in the last 12 years ....I would have thought this is only possible for me in europe......but I had to come all the way home to have the ultimate experience ........totally inspirational - Juliana ( spooky attraction from a distance) x

Claudia Giula: https://claudiagiulia.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/western-cape-road-trip-prince-albert/

Mr Hennie has created something too wonderful. We have the same dream, to create a paradise in the Karoo. - Outa Lappies

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