khoisan garden tours

it’s interesting how rough one can be with plants and they still like you - quite different from animals. plants, i suppose, look deeper into your sould, less into your surface behaviour, into your intent. In my experience, Isak’s intent is among the clearest i have had the pleasure to know.

- Thomas Myers

sal jy asb weer vir isak dankie se vir die mooi oggend saam met hom? ons kan nie uitgepraat raak daaroor hulle se hulle het sooo baie geleer! dankie weer ook vir jou en vir rossetta dat jul hom so bemagtig, ruimte & selfvertroue gee! you will be blessed!

- A.C.

thank you all so very much for accommodating our request for this morning - we really so appreciated this. we had such an informative and interesting time with isaac who shared his passion and knowledge with us and all the wonderful work that you are all doing. thanking you once again.

- J.W.

2016 Pennypinchers Batteleur


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